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20-years experience in project management to give creation time back to the artisan

With 20 years of international experience in various fields, Jean-Yves Thibert, a trilingual engineer, is an expert in creating operational structures and project engineering management. He now offers his expertise to the artisans so that they can focus on their creations.

From 1992 to 2008, Jean-Yves Thibert has been responsible for many international business development projects, team and project management, direction and strategy. His successive missions in several foreign countries, including a 5-years' experience in New York, have gained him a very accurate grasp of the multicultural challenges faced by business leaders.

Since 2008, Jean-Yves Thibert has brought his experience in strategic development to a wide range of projects: he supported the creation of a digital education company for high-school graduates, overhauled the Grands Ateliers de France website and took the lead in the business development of various ateliers of renowned artisans maitre d'art, among other achievements. When Jean-Yves Thibert meets artists, artisans and craft professionals, they often need help on the same essential point: «Find operational resources and solutions for a business of one or two people, when customers and media are expecting the same level of responsiveness and performance as they would get from major luxury companies".

This experience inspired the creation of "Agent d'Artisans", a human-sized toolkit structure with a practical approach to workshop challenges. Artisans benefit from Jean-Yves Thibert's energy, experience and creative business solutions, as well as access to his network of professional contacts. A straightforward objective: to free up time and give it back to creation, expanding the market for "slow-made" in fast-moving times, and bring artisans and their creations into an expanding marketplace.


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Jean-Yves Thibert

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55 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth
75003, Paris

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+33 630 118 958


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Agent d'Artisans: To facilitate the administrative process, simplify the artisan's daily worklife, while growing the artisan's business. The core concept is to provide a toolkit that meets most of the workshop communication and organization needs. A pragmatic range of services is designed to combine maximum simplicity, efficiency and cost optimization at all times. Our bespoke solutions are designed on site and tailored to the actual needs of both the artisan and the atelier. Services are based on a trusting relationship that will ensure immediate results. Agent d'Artisans will provide you with guidance and support at every step of the way, assisting in the achievement of long-term objectives, and most essentially: freeing up time for the artisan